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  • “I Kenshoo because it’s a great way to optimize what we do across multiple engines and it just makes life easier.”

    , Travel

    Frank Wrenn, Project Leader

    , Travel
  • “We wanted a partner with the best technology and vision for search innovation. Kenshoo’s reputation and innovative product suite, along with its team of the best and brightest digital marketing and technology experts made this an easy choice for us.”

    Robert Birge, CMO

    , Travel
  • “We’re extremely excited about using Kenshoo’s market leading capabilities across all of Accor’s paid search campaigns.  Throughout the whole pitch process Kenshoo’s expertise, humility and understanding of Accor’s complex reporting requirements really shone through.  Their service support is second to none and we believe that this new relationship will be integral to the continued success of Accor’s e-commerce strategy.”

    Romain Roulleau, Deputy Senior Vice President Direct Sales

    , Travel
  • “Kenshoo consistently delivers new competitive advantages for us. Having the ability to manage keyword bids in an environment that specifically addresses the nuances of Baidu should make a tremendous difference for us and this is only the latest in a long line of innovations for the China market from Kenshoo. They help us keep ahead of the competition.”

    Sam Hu, SR Manager SEM

    , Travel
  • “After our trial period, we were confident that Kenshoo would be a valuable asset in optimizing our online marketing and advertising efforts. They offer a great product.”

    Justin Richmond, VP of Search Marketing

    , Travel
  • “Kenshoo Editor is really convenient for making bulk changes across multiple channels and ensuring proper tracking.”

    , Travel

    Casee Konick, Paid Search Manager

    , Travel

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