Power up performance, analyze and optimize across valuable ad placements


Drive performance with algorithms designed specifically for mobile gamers and scale efforts with workflow tools designed for mass management

Streamlined Audience Creation

Identify and target your highest value audiences and save segments in the system for easy testing and targeting


Collect in-app data and apply insights to inform your campaign bidding strategies and measure lifetime value

Dynamic Data Visualization

Create intuitive, comprehensive performance reports and dashboards at-a-glance and go from insight to action

Real Success Stories for Kenshoo Gaming Clients Include


increase in impression-to-install

rate while doubling spend and maintaining low CPI


increase in LTV

while increasing efficiencies and boosting app installs


increase in user volume

while drastically
reducing CPA

Sophisticated tools built for the world's best developers—to up your marketing game in no time

  • Video & Image Galleries: Store videos and images in the platform for easy access, simple A/B testing, and ad permutation creation
  • Dynamic Custom Audiences: Sync with your CRM to automatically update Custom Audiences with new user data or implement a lightweight pixel to seamlessly create Website Custom Audiences
  • Portfolio Bid & Budget Management: Set high-level budgets to automate the ad set budgets to optimize resource distribution and improve performance
  • LTV Optimization: Track post-click actions with verified conversion data and customized conversion funnels to optimize to your customer’s full lifetime value

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