Total market intelligence.
Totally intelligent search.

Search marketers need more than easy workflows and performance against KPIs. They need to understand...

  • The role of search in the broader marketing mix
  • Which new formats are relevant to their business
  • How to navigate new privacy laws
  • Data they can trust and insights they can use
They need all of that, efficiently, and more.
We get it. And we call it Total Search Intelligence.

ShopFá Leverages Kenshoo + Smart Bidding for Impressive Results

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The Hidden Cost of Free SEM Tools

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Kenshoo Budget Navigator Makes Smart Bidding Better

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Solving Challenges for Search Marketers

Results You Can Count On

Award-winning optimization features—powered by advanced AI and machine learning—to maximize the ROI of your paid search programs.
  • Holistic Optimization

  • Automation at Scale

How Kenshoo Hits the Mark

Time Saving Automation

Streamlined workflow tools to save time, reduce errors, and automate common tasks that free you up to focus on the strategic tasks to grow your campaigns.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Limitless Integration

  • Automation at Scale

How Kenshoo Gets it Done

Smarter, Faster Decisions

Surface data-driven insights for smart investment strategies within your search campaigns, between media and across channels from Kenshoo's unique vantage point. Test and learn while accelerating activation with AI and automation.
  • Rich, Multipublisher Data

  • Incremental Performance Insights

  • Independent and Unbiased

How Kenshoo Connects the Dots

"At O'Neill we're eager to test the latest paid search technology. Rakuten Marketing recommended Kenshoo's KPO tool to meet our Shopping ROAS goals. In a short time, our goals were met without sacrificing site traffic. Additionally, media costs decreased versus our previous bidding strategy. This is a huge win for O'Neill and we look forward to ongoing growth with Rakuten Marketing and Kenshoo."

Tim Willey, Ecommerce Marketing Specialist at O'Neill

"Kenshoo's bidding technology enable Gusto to beat our paid search revenue targets. Given the increase in performance post-Kenshoo, everyone is very excited about the future of our paid search program. As an added benefit, we significantly reduced the amount of time spent on paid search each week!"

Adam Treboutat, Performance Marketing at Gusto

"Kenshoo's Mirror and Keep in Sync campaign feature not only had a significant impact on beating revenue goals, but the time savings was critical."

Sarah Gyson, Sr. Director, Client Services - Rakuten Marketing

Through a combination of the Rakuten Marketing team’s astounding strategic efforts and Kenshoo’s Campaign Mirroring feature, a leading international Outdoor Retailer saw a 227% year over year increase in revenue for Microsoft shopping campaigns and an 18% increase in revenue overall. And while they were at it, Rakuten Marketing also saved at least 50% of their time through the use of Kenshoo’s automation.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Limitless Integration

  • Automation At Scale

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