Total market intelligence.
Totally intelligent ecommerce.

The world of marketplace advertising is rapidly changing the shape of online shopping and providing ecommerce marketers with new opportunities. Capture active shoppers with one platform for launching and scaling advertising success across Amazon, Walmart, & Instacart.

Leading brands and agencies leverage Kenshoo’s advanced optimization, analytics & automation solutions to get started quickly, navigate new ad formats and drive growth.

We call this Total Ecomm Intelligence.

Solving Challenges for Ecomm Marketers

Best-in-Class Optimization

Optimization Targeted to Your KPIs

Drive performance & impact with Kenshoo’s advanced optimization suite. Algorithmically optimize bids & budgets to make the most of your marketing investments.
  • Optimize towards custom metrics
  • Optimize towards ROI/ROAS objectives
  • Optimize across campaigns & ad groups
  • Evenly pace budgets over time
  • Forecast delivery & performance
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Enterprise Grade Automation

Simplify Workflow, Automatically

Maximize productivity by automating repetitive tasks. Drive operational efficiency by streamlining time-consuming workflows. Do more in less time with Kenshoo’s automation suite.
  • Holistically manage Amazon, Walmart, Target & Instacart campaigns
  • Bulk create & edit campaigns
  • Automatically update campaigns with custom rules
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Actionable Insights

Make Data Work for You

Make the most of your data with Kenshoo’s comprehensive analytics suite. Derive actionable insights & make informed strategic decisions.
  • Unify Amazon, Walmart, Target & Instacart reporting
  • Monitor organic & paid Share of Voice
  • Define & track custom metrics
  • Filter, sort & analyze data at scale
  • Connect data via FTP, S3 & Google Cloud
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Experts at your Service

Support and Strategy When You Need it

Kenshoo’s seasoned team of ecommerce experts are standing by to help you thrive.
  • Implement tried-and-true best practices
  • Fill headcount gaps with implementation services
  • Receive ongoing product training & support
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Cross-Channel Excellence

Connect Across the Entire Shopper Journey

Leverage a single platform to break down silos & orchestrate a cohesive, cross-channel program. Maximize the value of every customer touchpoint across channels: Ecommerce (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Instacart), Search (Google, Microsoft, Verizon Media) & Social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest).
  • Drive Search and Social users to your Amazon Store
  • Consolidate reporting & analysis across channels
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Client Testimonial

“Thanks to Kenshoo, our team was able to turn 15 hours of work into 15 minutes!”

Erin Ballard, Search & Ecommerce Partner, Wavemaker

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